Thursday, 27 December 2012

Maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in 'olive' review

Hi Sweety,

Today I am going to review one of my most favorite product. It’s the maybelline vivid and smooth eyeliner in ‘Olive’.

It’s a pencil eyeliner and it has color at the end of the pencil, to help distinguish it from other pencils. It’s a very pretty olive green color with pretty golden shimmers in it. It’s the most gorgeous color that I have ever seen. It instantly adds sparkle to the eyes. Golden shimmers in it are to die for.

Consistency wise its very smooth and literally glides on like a dream. There is absolutely no pulling or tugging required. Another thing that I love about it, is that it’s not very soft like some other brands that leads to wastage of product. It requires very little amount for one time usage. You don’t have to sharpen it after every use, it can be easily be used 3-4 times once it has been sharpened. I have been using this for over a year now and almost half of it is still left.

Also, its staying power is really good. I apply it in the morning on my upper lash line and when I come back home in the evening , its intact, no change at all. It can easily be removed using a cleansing milk. But, it doesn’t remain as intact when you apply it on the lower lash line, it stays for about 4-5 hours and after that it starts fading.

Price: INR 250

1. The most GORGEOUS shade.
2. Affordable
3. Glides very smoothly.
4. Good staying power
5. Small amount is required, so lasts a long time
6. Not very creamy so doesn’t lead to product wastage while sharpening.

1. Doesn’t last as long in lower lash line/water line(but that’s okay with me J)

If you are a fan of colored eyeliners then you should not miss this one. It’s GORGEOUS.
Thank you for reading :)


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