Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Clinique Lipstick in Beach Coral Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to review, Clinique Lipstick in shade "Beach Coral".
It comes in silver packaging, with circles on the lipstick case.

 I am not impressed by its packaging, I feel its very 80's and 90's kind of packaging and not at all classy and attractive.But some people may like it, as its different.

The coverage of this lipstick is medium and if applied 2-3 layers then it might look somewhat frosty and shimmery. Usually, I would apply this color layer by layer and then blot it using a tissue paper, that way its frostiness disappears and looks more like a stain and also the staying power increases many times.

The best part of this lipsick is its shade, its a true coral shade in my opinion and perfect for beach wear. I feel its name is very appropriate "Beach Coral".

The  moment I saw this shade, I knew I had to buy it. Its one of its kind and different from all other shades that I have. It looks awesome when paired with Green eyeliner and makes your face stand out.

As for its staying power, its not great if you simple swipe it once. But, if you blot it after applying each layer then it can stay for 4-5 hours easily.


1. Beautiful Coral shade.
2. Good staying power IF blotted using tissue paper.
3. Buildable color.

1. Expensive
2. Can be frosty, if multiple layers are swiped on, without blotting.
3. Bad staying power if not blotted.

So, for me the color is "love at first sight". If you are fan of coral shade then you should definitely grab this one.

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