Saturday, 22 December 2012

What’s in my travel make up bag?

Hi Angel,

Today’s blog is going to be about what to carry in your Travel Make Up Bag. So here is the list that I carry and what I feel is necessary for me. Keep reading if you want to find out:

1. Sun Screen: Yes , Yes we all know it’s very important. So, for me it’s the most important skin care regimen that you should never fail to follow. It helps in preventing wrinkles and saves your skin from harmful sun rays. My favorite one being “Lotus Sunscreen SPF 40” (Its tinted and perfect for day time).

2. Light weight foundation/Tinted moisturizer : I don’t like to slather my face with Grease Paint especially when I am in a holiday mood. I like to use foundation only during night. I want to keep it light and simple, hence a light weight foundation. My favorite being “Lakme Skin Naturelle Light weight foundation”.

3. Pressed powder/compact : This is my savior during hot humid days. I love to powder my face with a pressed powder to even out my complexion and keep oily face at bay. A MUST have for me. My favorite being “Maybelline dream Matte Pressed Powder”. Its applicator is very good and you don’t need to carry a separate brush with it.

4.       Lip Products:
a.       Nude Pinkish Lip Pencil : Maybelline color sensational lip pencil in Velvet Beige
b.      Lip and cheek stain : TBS lip and cheek stain
c.       Lip balm with SPF: VLCC lip balm
d.      Tinted Lip Balm: Nivea Vitamin shake
e.    Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Beach Coral
f.     Coastal Scents lip smack in Cosmic

5. Eye Products:
 Eyeliner Pencils:
  1. Brown: Physician’s formula mineral eye liner pencil in Dark brown
  2. Black: Revlon colorstay sparkling eyeliner in Black Spark
  3. Blue: Faces Long wear eye pencil in Turquoise Blue

6. Highlighter: I am a huge fan of highlighters. They add such a beautiful glow to your face. My favorite one is Revlon Skinlights Face illuminator lotion

7. Cleansing Milk: It’s really important to remove your make up with a cleansing milk before hitting the bed. (NO face wash doesn’t work as well).I know we feel lazy at times and skip this step. ButYOU MUST NOT miss this step. It will keep your skin clean and acne free.

Other necessary Items:

    1. Paper soap, tissue papers, cotton, hand Sanitizer, mouth wash

   2.  Toner, moisturizer, face scrub and may be a face pack sachet ;)


     3.  Wet Wipes, Oil Blotting Sheets

Well , that is all that I feel I need to carry. Do let me know what all you guys like to carry.
Thank you so much for reading . Hope you all have a great weekend. 


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