Friday, 28 December 2012

Maybelline water shine lip gloss in strawberry carat review

Hi cutie pie,

Today I am going to review “Maybelline water shine liquid diamonds" lip gloss in “Strawberry carat” shade.
It comes in a usual lip gloss bottle with a slightly bigger and softer doe foot applicator. I really like its applicator ,it’s a little bit bigger than normal applicators and thus allows better application of the product.

It looks like skin color in the bottle, but on application you will find that its pale pink in color.

It’s the cutest pink color that I have ever seen. And true to its name (Liquid Diamonds), its full of shimmer and makes your lips shine a lot. I love the amount of shine , shimmer and wetness it adds to your lips , along with the slightest hint of pink.

It’s perfect for day time and also can be swiped over some other lip color for night time.

Its consistency is normal, not very thick, not very runny, just perfect. I feel it’s one of the most budget friendly and good quality lip gloss that is available in market.

One minor drawback of this lip gloss is that it’s not moisturizing enough. Although the glitter particles in it are very minute , sometimes it may get stuck on dry lips, so it’s better that you apply lip balm first.
Price: INR 180/3 ml


1. Budget friendly
2. Really glossy and shiny
3. Nice applicator
4. Nice shade

1. Not enough moisturizing

So , if you are looking for shimmery budget friendly lip gloss in slightly pinkish shade then you should definitely go for this.

Thanks for reading :).

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