Me :))

Hi There,

Welcome to my world :). My name is Deepti, a software engineer by profession and a make up blogger by passion, who loves everything about beauty and make up. 
For me beauty is not just being pretty from outside.It also means having pure thoughts ,being healthy and simple 

Some things that define beauty for me are Sunrise, Silence of dawn and Spring.I am an avid nature lover and would love to live in the mountains grow my own farm fresh vegetables and live away from the hustle and bustle of city.

Turn On's (in random order):
  1. Smiling Face
  2. Simplicity
  3. Organized/Neat surroundings
  4. Huge Windows in bed room that can let me see the beautiful sun rise.
  5. MUSIC 
  6. Pastel colored bed- sheets 
  7. I love colors especially GREEN(such a soothing color)
  8. Yoga 
  9. Beautiful weather
  11. Healthy food especially colorful salads
  12. My conversations with GOD(He loves me)
  13. Gorgeous Lipsticks
  14. Colorful Posters in my room
  15. Motivational /Happy Quotes

Hope you enjoy being here. Good Luck :)

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