Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream Review

Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to review Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream. I have very acne prone skin. No matter how much oil free, non comedogenic moisturisers/lotions/creams/gels I use, I tend to break out.
I have used Neutrogena oil free moisturizer and Lotus AloeVera Gel earlier, but even they broke me out.
I had given up the hope of ever being able to use a moisturizer, when Pond’s Age Miracle Cell ReGEN Day Cream came to rescue :) , and Thank God for that.

I bought pet version of this cream for testing purpose.The small version comes in a cute, small plastic tub.Its convenient, no fear of breakage or leakage. It looks like very light pinkish, soft and smooth cream in the tub.

On touching it, you will find that its very very soft and light. I apply small dots on my  face and neck and then blend it. It blends like a dream.I love how easily it can be applied, blended and then absorbed by my skin.
It leaves no trace of oil or greasiness on my face, instead it removes all dryness from my skin and makes it look smooth and even(upto an extent). But, it leaves a whitish cast for a minute or so, which later disappears once it is absorbed. Also, it has very minute shimmers , which are not visible in the tub as such.It shines in the sun. I had to look very closely to even notice them in the sunlight, it lends a beautiful glow to my face, which I totally adore.

When I first applied this cream, I was very much afraid that it might break me out. but nothing happened, it was such a relief. I was so impressed by it, that I started using the night version of it as well( Will review it later).
After few days of application I started noticing that my acne marks have reduced up to some extent and my skin had become more even toned. Also, I had a subtle glow on my face.

Pet Version

I would like to mention here, that I am not sure if it was ONLY because of using the day version as I was using both day and night version. But, overall effect was more than satisfactory. When I started using this cream , my only expectation was to moisturize my skin without it, breaking me out. But after seeing the results I am very much impressed by this cream. It has literally build back my lost faith in creams and moisturizers.I had given up hopes on moisturizers completely.

PRICE: INR  499 /50 gm
             INR 100/10 gm

  1. Doesnt break me out
  2. Moisturizes my face effectively, without any oiliness and greasiness
  3. Lends a beautiful glow to my face
  4. Helps in reducing acne marks
  5. Has minute shimmers which adds glow to the face.
  6. Blends very easily.
  7. Small tub is perfect for travelling purpose.
  1. Little bit expensive
  2. Provide whitish cast for a minute after application.

If you have acne prone skin and looking for a decent moisturizer/cream, please go for this cream .
Good Luck :)


  1. the day cream leave a bit cast..but otherwise really good stuff..try their night love :)


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