Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lotus herbals Purestay Pink Hypnotic Lip Gloss Review

Lotus herbals Purestay Pink Hypnotic Lip Gloss Review

Today I am going to review a lipgloss by ‘Lotus Herbals’ by the name of ‘Pink Hypnotic’. It’s from there new purestay range.It comes in a usual lip gloss bottle with a doe applicator. The quantity is huge considering that the lip gloss is highly pigmented and you need just a little bit of the amount

I love the color of this lip gloss , its slightly corallish and majorly pinkish. It can instantly add sparkle to your entire face. It has just the right amount of sparkles and shimmer to it, to brighten up your face. It’s one of the most ‘opaque’ lip glosses that I have come across. I am also very much impressed by its staying power. It’s the only lip gloss that manages to stay on my lips for 4-5 hours, with meals. Somehow , lip gloss colors do not stick on to my lips that much , they just seem to disappear magically. Also, it’s very moisturizing and does not dry out your lips at all. Its consistency is little bit thick as compared to other lip glosses, which I really like.


You can wear it as a everyday color if you just apply a single swipe, or you can have multiple swipes and use it during night.

Single Swipe

mutiple swipes

All in all its one of the best lip glosses that I have ever come across. I would also like to try some neutral shades from this range.

Price: INR 395/8gms

1. Good staying power
2. Moisturizes lips
3. Creamy consistency
4. Lovely shade(Not to be missed)
5. Good quantity for the amount
6. It’s totally herbal.

1. None J

Rating : 5/5


  1. The gloss is simply awsome!!If you don't want to wear heavy make-up,just a stroke of this gloss & an eye pencil will give a perfect look.It is translucent & you don't feel as if you have applied anything on your lovely lips.

  2. Wonderful review ! This gloss looks really pretty in the bottle as well as on the lips. I got the shade Peach pink which is a very fresh color and only very slightly lighter than Pink Hypnotic.. It is a very subtle color so goes well with fair skin and not-so-pigmented lips. But the gloss is so difficult to spread. I like to apply a very thin layer of gloss so this one is not for me. It is thick, sticky and gluey. During application it does not come across as thick but once it settles, it becomes sticky in an uncomfortable way. It is light weight and stays on for long. Leaves a light tint on the lips afterwards. I cannot handle sticky glosses so I wouldn't recommend this one. There are so many alternatives to this one : Rimmel - Fall in Love, Faces Go Chic lip gloss - Bubblegum and Revlon Super Lustrous - Glossy Rose. These shades are not as pretty as Peach Pink ; they come very close, but at least they are not sticky.


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