Saturday, 2 November 2013

Nina Pro Glitter Nail Paint in Matte finish

Hi All,

Today , I am going to show you guys a nail paint which I am totally crazy about and I wish we got something like that in India. Well, I dont think we get it in India, but if you guys are aware of something similar then please please let me know in the comments because I am going totally crazy about this nail paint.

So this is nail paint is from 'Nina Pro' , its a bluish greyish glitter matte finish nail paint. I showed this in the Mexico nail paint haul here.

Its not smooth in finish, and feels rough and looks really pretty,m not kidding. Its not like dirty looking rough but classy looking one. Its just perfect for party and festive season.

When I first applied this I thought its going to be difficult to remove, but it came out easily using the nail paint remover. Also, its staying power is amazing, stayed on for a week easily with very little chipping.

It comes with a flat brush and is very convenient to apply. In the swatches shown I have applied 3 coats to get maximum coverage and darkest shade, but it looks pretty in single and double coats too. I bought this for Rs 200(40 Peso), and I am definitely going to buy more shades of this range. They had it in black, purple and pink shade too.

  1. Amazing shade.
  2. Lovely matte and glittery finish.
  3. Budget friendly
  4. Perfect for party and festive season
  5. Very good staying power
  6. Flat brush and very convenient to apply

  1. Non availability in India. :(

I wish something similar to this finish was available in India, please let me know in the comments, if it is available. But this particular shade , I am in love with.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading :)


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