Monday, 20 May 2013

The Body Shop Shower Gel in 'Moringa' : Review

Hi Everyone,

I suddenly realised that I have not reviewed any skin care products lately. So , I have just prepared a list of all the skin care products that I am going to review. I will start with my very favorite shower gel from TBS in 'Moringa' fragrance.

It comes in a huge plastic bottle with a pump dispenser(only for 750 ml) bottle. Like all TBS products the bottle is transparent so you can easily see the quantity left. The shower gel is kind of 'Light Mustard' shade and its consistency is very smooth and not very runny or thick. The pump dispenser works very well and you can easily get the required amount.

You need a very small amount for one time wash. It lathers really really well. One time pump gives around 1 medium sized drop of the product and 2 drops are sufficient for 1 time. I have been using this for 7 months now and still more than half of the amount is left.

Now coming to  my favorite part about this product. Its fragrance :) Its AM-A-ZING. It has a very subtle floral scent, perfect for spring. Although, this a personal preferance, but I just love this fragrance and it should not be missed by anyone, thats what I feel. It instantly calms me and freshens me up in the morning.Even though I have been using this for such a long time, I have never been bored of this product, which is something, considering that I like to keep changing my bath products frequently. Also, the fragrance lingers on for about an hour , which can definitely be increased by using the body butter/lotion in the same fragrance.But, I am not really fussy about the lingering effect of the fragrance.

Price: Rs 800 for 750 ml

  1. Decent packaging
  2. Amazing Scent
  3. Very less quantity needed for one time usage.
  4. Lathers really well.
  5. Lasts a really long time so in a way its budget friendly.
  6. Doesn't dry out skin
  1. None :)
Thank you for reading :)


  1. It seems a great shower gel with great smell.:))

    1. Yes Niesha, I am literally addicted to its scent :)

  2. Lovely review.. Looks promising and nice dear :-)

  3. nice review its good its suit u pretty well because i use in past its make my skin dry

    1. Thankx Jannat, I have oily skin may be thats why its worked well for me :)

  4. No cons?? That's a WOW product them.. Nice review SB :)

    1. Yes Lancy, for me this product has no cons :)


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