Thursday, 23 May 2013

Freeman Superfruits Transforming Facial Scrub : My Experience

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to review 'Freeman Superfruits Transforming Facial Scrub'. I like Freeman products alot because of their colorful and bright packaging and of course, they are very effective.
So lets start with my experience with this scrub.

It comes in a very bright colorful tube with a flip open cap. The tube shows a lot of colorful fruits since its supposed to be enriched with goodness of fruits. I really like its packaging, its very fun , girlish and fresh pop of colors. It has a very weird smell kind of like a minty toothpaste. I was expecting something fruity but was disappointed with the scent.

The color of the scrub is very pretty minty green with brown colored minute granules.The texture of the scrub is creamy and the granules are mild and non abrasive  Don't worry, when I say creamy , its totally non-greasy and doesn't leave any kind of oily residue after rinsing. The quantity of granules is also perfect and doesn't feel harsh on the skin. If you are not fond of mild scrub, then this one is not for you.

I myself prefer slightly strong scrubs, but I quite like this one because of the after effects. It leaves skin very smooth and glowing. I use this every alternate day, but since its mild enough it can be used daily itself.I really enjoy scrubbing my face with this, it gives a very nice and clean feeling :).

PRICE: Rs.180 / 150 ml

  1. Mild scrub
  2. Can be used daily
  3. Leaves skin smooth and glowing
  4. Doesnt break me out
  5. Doesnt leave any oily residue
  6. Nice colorful packaging
  7. Convenient to use beacuse of Flip Open cap
  8. Budget Friendly
  9. Easily available.Also available online on medplusbeauty.
  1. If you dont like Mild Scrubs, you can give this a miss.
  2. Not very nice scent (Not bothering as well, not a con for me though :) )
Thanks for reading :)


  1. This is indeed colorful... Even I prefer bit hard scrub.. I need to buy a scrub so I might check this out.. where is this available?

    1. you can get this online from medplusbeauty. This is a mild scrub and perfect for everyday.

  2. NIce review..It can be a great everyday scrub for oily skin!! Will try!


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