Thursday, 11 April 2013

Oriflame Liquid Eyeliner in 'Blue': Review + Swatches

Hii everyone!!

Today I am going to review a pretty pretty liquid eyeliner from 'Oriflame' in shade 'Blue'.

Packaging: urrghhhh!!!! TERRIBLE is the word. Seriously, worst packaging ever. I ordered this eyeliner through someone, having oriflame membership and when I received it, I was like 'Hello, you have given me printer ink bottle by mistake'. Its that yuckky and tacky.It has got black packaging and it was very sticky like cello-tape. Forget about being attractive , it doesn't look remotely decent. It comes with a thin brush applicator which can help in thick or thin application easily. But, the brush handle is very small so it becomes little bit inconvenient.

Shade: Okayy,so after recovering from the shock of its packaging, I checked out the shade. And it was the most awesome, beautiful, cool, sparkling and icy shade ever. I love love love it. Just a swipe of this eyeliner and baby pink lips and you are done. Its perfect for day or evening out. Its very shimmery and sparkly and looks very girlish.

Staying power: This eyeliner definitely lacks in staying power. It wont budge from eyelids, if you dont scratch it. But , thats nearly impossible , well atleast for me, I almost scratch my eyes everytime I am wearing this. And its smudges/flakes a little bit. So, you have to be careful with this stuff, try not to scratch your eyes.

Consistency: Its a liquid eyeliner and dries very fast.Its quite opaque, so just one swipe is sufficient to get full color.

Price: I ordered this for Rs. 150, which I think is pretty cool. But , then the quantity is also medium(3.5 ml)


  1. Beautiful shade
  2. Budget friendly
  3. Dries quickly on eyelids
  4. Decent Brush Applicator
  5. Shimmery
  1. Worst packaging
  2. Brush handle is very small
  3. Staying power could have been better
  4. Needs to be removed properly using make up remover, otherwise shimmers get all over the place, near eye area.

If you are looking for sparkling icy blue liquid eyeliner and don't bother the pathetic packaging then you can get this one.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. OMG the shade is lovely and sooo perfect for thew summers!! and your right about the packaging soo dull! i totaly agree with your point of view :)

  2. Thats such a pretty color :) I love Oriflame stuff

  3. That's a very pretty shade and so wearable! I've seen it in brochures many times but never took notice of the nice colour.. Will see it next time :)

    1. Thanks Neha :) They also have a green color in the same range.


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