Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Faces eyeliner in 'Navy Blue': Review + Swatches

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to review a pencil eyeliner from Faces in shade 'Nave Blue'.
A dark blue eyeliner is a necessity for me , just like a black one. I think dark blue shade, when applied as a kaajal adds a lot of spunk to your look.

Packaging:  Its a pencil eyeliner so comes in a normal pencil shape, with the bottom of the pencil showing the exact shade of the pencil, which makes it super easy to be located in the drawer.

Shade: Its a proper 'Navy Blue' shade. very dark and yet bright in its own way.

Consistency: Its very soft and creamy. I feel its over soft which makes it very breakable. Its super smooth in terms of application and doesn't require any sort of pulling/tugging of eyelid. It sets very quickly on application , so if you want a smudged look you need to do it immediately.

Staying power: It has decent staying power. It stays on easily on upper eyelids throughout the day. But, on lower lash line it smudges after some time, so you need to remove the excess/smudged liner from your lower lash line. I have to keep a check throughout the day when I am wearing this on my lower lash line.
If you remove the moisture from water liner using a Q tip and then apply this on your water line then the staying power increases little bit.
It needs to be removed using a make up remover/ cleansing milk for thorough cleansing.

Price: I bought this for Rs. 250.

  1. Must have shade (Well, atleast for me)
  2. Decent staying power on upper eyelids
  3. Budget friendly
  4. Very soft and creamy, so easy application
  5. Decent Packaging
  1. Finishes very quickly due to over creamy texture
  2. Low staying power on lower lash line / water line
If you like colored eyeliners or you want to start using colored eyeliners, then shade is for you :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. they have very good shades and highly pigmented... I have similar blue from Chambor Dazzle collection..

    1. Yes, they have an awesome variety to chose from.

  2. I love the shade! So pigmented :)

  3. I want this navy blue. It's so very pigmented and gorgeous color!!. I have 4 from faces but this one is a must try I guess. :)
    I loved it on your eyes dear.<3

    1. yeah,do try it . It would look gorgeous on you :)


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