Sunday, 14 April 2013

My Make Up Storage

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to show you how I store my make up and TRY to keep it organized. So lets get started,

So, here's the overall view:

Most of my vanity products are placed inside these drawers. I think these are great to keep stuff segregated and organized.

1. Lip Balms

2. Liquid and Gel Eyeliners

3. Some Lip Glosses and Lip Liners

4. Eye liner Pencils

5. Lipsticks

6.Lip Glosses

7. Some eye brushes, blushes and highlighters.

8. Random Stuff

9. Daily Use make Up Brushes

10. Perfumes

11. Daily Use Foundations/ Tinted Moisturisers

This is how I hang my earrings, Yeah its not neat :)
But it really saves my time in the mornings :)

Nail Paints in Basket

Well, this is how I store my make up products. I hope it has given you gals some ideas. Please do share how you store your products :)

Thanks for reading :)


  1. the way you store the earings are very smart as it helps when your in a rush!! great makeup storage as well :)

    1. Thanks Jeeshan ! Yes, it saves so much time in the mornings :)

  2. Loved how you store everything.:)
    I like my things to be organized properly,Its always delightful to see so much makeup in a single post.<3

    1. Yeah even I am a sucker for organized things :).. My all time hobby is to make sure everything is in place ;)

  3. very well organized.. you are a civilized girl.. I am ashamed to see my Almira now.. it looks like a pile to trash.. makeup stacked over one and other.. and its hard fining a thing. :-(

    1. I know, its so tough to keep things organized all the time, but these multipurpose drawers are a great rescue :)

  4. lovely collection!!!!!! very tempting! :D

  5. Wow what a lovely collection! And must say well organised.


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