Tuesday, 2 April 2013

March Vellvette Box

Hi Everyone,

I finally got my vellvette box for march.I am kind of bored of vellvette box, so will be discontinuing it from next month and then may be I will start it again after some time. Also, I am not super excited about this month's goodies , I didn't find anything exciting :(
Anyways, so here is what I got in my box:

  1. Nyassa vanilla Dry Fruit Luxury Bar
  2. Ofra Acne Treatment Mask
  3. Mary Kay Lip Liner & Eye Liner Pencil
  4. OPI Nail Varnish - I'm not really a waitress (Weird name!!!!)
  5. Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow.

Nyassa vanilla Dry Fruit Luxury Bar
ONLY attraction for me in this month's box

Ofra Acne Treatment Mask
Not really sure about OFRA products, its serum was pathetic :(

Mary Kay Lip Liner & Eye Liner Pencil
These samples look cute , but they are like so small I doubt if they can be used even once :(. Loved the middle lip liner swatch though.

Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow.
Okayyyy, even though I am a non vegetarian, still I am never going to drink anything like this. Total waste for me :(

OPI Nail Paint
Fine!!! its OPI ,,but the shade!!!!!!!! come on..I hated it completely 

So, that is why I was not at all excited about my vellvette box this month and decided to discontinue it for some time.Hope you all are satisfied with your goodies :)

Thanks For Reading :)


  1. I got the sane lipliner/eyeliners and the same O.P.I. but those pencils, I am afraid, they wouldn't be enough to for both the eyes even once. :(
    Instead of three they could have given one with decent size atleast.

  2. The meiji product is so weird :s

  3. What's Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow?

    And, the size of the pencils?!.. not meant to be used on new borns!!:O

    1. its some kind of fish oil , that helps skin to glow.I am not really comfortable drinking something like that..and the pencils are hilarious :D

  4. I can understand u not being excited about this one. especially since brands like nyassa and ofra are repeats. atleast to make up for it they gave 5 products instead of 3.

    1. yeah, especially OFRA, m not at all a fan of it

  5. Happy I'm not subscribed... I was planning to. But I dont like anything from your box :( :(


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