Thursday, 7 February 2013

Revlon eyeliner in "Aqua Blue" Review

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to review Revlon eyeliner in "Aqua Blue". Its a pencil eyeliner, which comes in a normal pencil form.Its neither retractable nor it has a in built sharpener.

Its a very pretty and cool toned aqua blue shade, I think its name is perfect and explains the shade very well. Its proper bright aqua blue shade, without any shimmers. Consistency wise its very smooth to apply, but the coverage in one swipe is not satisfactory. It needs to be swiped 2-3 times to show proper brightness and shade.

Once applied properly it looks very pretty. Normally, I have seen girls sporting dark blue shades, but this is a different and unexplored shade, according to me.

It would look especially nice on young college going girls, as its light and bright. When combined with baby pink lips, it looks very pretty and girlish.

Its staying power is not extraordinary, especially on lower lash line. It stays for around 3 hours at the max, on lower lash line. On the upper lash line, it stays on for good 7-8 hours with a little bit fading.

Its smooth to apply and doesn't require any tugging and pulling. It can be swiped again and again very smoothly. For its price, I think its a decent deal. I am wearing this eyeliner here in the last pic.


  1. Young and pretty shade.
  2. Creamy in terms of consistency
  3. Budget friendly

  1. Staying power is not that great

Its a pretty aqua blue shade. If you are fond of colored eyeliners , then you should get this shade in your collection.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. the single swatch looks more turqoise n on multiple its deep blue !:) pretty

    1. I personally like the single swatch shade, but its staying power sucks in single swatch :(

  2. This one looks a lot better than the lakme one u posted.. im going to get this one.. :-) which one do u recommend by the way??

    1. It depends on a lot of factors especially your shade preference and if you are comfortable with liquid liners. I love both of them , but if I had to choose one I would go for 'Lakme Astral Green', only because I love that shade more :)


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