Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Lakme fantasy shimmer liner in Astral Green review

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to review Lakme fantasy shimmer liner in Astral Green. Its a liquid eyeliner from lakme.
It comes in a very cute and small bottle. Its brush handle is very elegant and long, which makes its very easy to apply the liner efficiently. Its cap is very lengthy and goldenish in color.

I am really fond of the packaging of this eyeliner, its very different, elegant and classy.. I just got attracted to its packaging, the moment I saw it and knew that I had to buy it.

Now coming to the shade.Its a very pretty green with lots of green and goldenish shimmers. Shimmers are not as such visible when applied, it looks more glossy then shimmery. When you apply it, it appears very glossy and shiny, but the shiny gradually decreases when it dries out. Although, it doesn't look matte , but still the amount of shine decreases when it dries out as compared to when its wet. The color intensity is quite strong, you can get the true color in a  single swipe only.

The quality of the brush applicator is very good, its small and thin and can easily be controlled due to the lengthy handle. You can easily apply a thin line or a thick line, depending on your taste.

The liner dries quickly when you apply it, so there is no issue of any kind of mess.Also, you need a very small quantity for one time use. It has lasted me for more than a year now.

Staying power of this eyeliner is not that great. It stays on for around 4 hours but after that it starts flaking a little bit especially if you scratch your eyes.. Flaking can be avoided , if you don't scratch your eyes. Whenever I wear this eyeliner, I try to make sure not to scratch my eyes, so it stays on my eyes easily throughout the day. It might flake a tiny bit but that is not noticeable .This eyeliner is not waterproof, but the shimmers stay near the eye area , if you simple wash this liner with water, so its recommended that you use a make up remover.

PRICE: INR 275/3.5 ml
  1. Beautiful shade.
  2. Perfect for party look, but can also be worn otherwise without looking over the top.
  3. Budget friendly.

  1. Not waterproof.
  2. Staying power could have been better
  3. Glossiness decreases after it dries.
I would suggest this eyeliner for its beautiful shade, lovely packaging , and decent brush applicator. Also, it looks very attractive when applied on upper lash line.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. pretty green shade.. have you tried their 9 to 5 wala green liner?? its fab too :)

    1. Thanks sukanya :). No, I have not yet tried that range. But you have definitely tempted me to do so ;)

  2. Very pretty shade <3
    Nice review :)

  3. Its beautiful! looks so pretty. I can't get enough of green shades when it comes to liners nad shadows.:)

  4. nice review deepti!! but the shade looks different on ur hand and in the bottle..it looks more cute on u.. :-)

    1. Thanks Rohini. The swatch on my hand actually shows the true color :)

  5. I too love Astral green a lot. Great review :)

  6. Hey nice review. but I'm always shyof trying such colours. looks lovely on you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    1. Thanks Rajvi. You must try colored eyeliners, they look great. You can start with a dark blue color :)


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