Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My Acne Story

Hi Everyone,

Acne is a nightmare for girls and I am sure all of us have faced this nightmare at least once in our lives.
I never had a face full of acne as such, but I would always get 2-3 pimples every time on my face. Till the time one pimple dried out ,I would get another pimple on some other part of my face. This story had been going on on and for quiet a few years. I had tried out everything available on internet, even tried out medicines, but nothing worked for me.

Things that didnt work for me:
1. Medication
2. Washing my face using warm water.
3. Exfoliating every 2-3 days
4. Using face washes with salicyclic acid like neutrogena
5. Using medicated face washes like sebamed
6. Oil free moisturizers
7. Drinking LOTS of water

Some of the above mentioned things helped in clearing out my face for few days , but after 2 weeks same story repeated.I had given up the hope of having a clear complexion, when I discovered something THAT WORKED FOR ME.Read on to know more:

Last October, I went to Delhi for diwali. Throughout my stay over there for almost a week, I didn't wash my face at night because it was so cold at that time. Instead, I used wet wipes to clean my face. I followed this ritual for a week and my face went totally clear. When I reached pune, my friends were totally surprised at my clear complexion.Even I was amazed at this discovery.

Since then I stopped using face wash at night, instead I started using cleansing milk to clean my face before going to bed. And it has worked wonders for me.I don't use any other special or medicated face washes, I exfoliate my skin 2-3 times a week.In the morning I wash my face using any gentle face wash with warm water.Earlier, I used to wash my face twice a day,probably I was over cleansing it. Its weird though, since twice a day is not much considering that I have combination skin.

One thing that I have realized battling with  acne is that you should find out something that works best for you. Something may have worked for some one else, but that doesn't mean it would work for you the same way. So, you have to keep trying to find out what works best you.

So this is my acne story, hoping it will help some one out there. :)


  1. dats interesting ! glad you have found your way to fight acne :)

  2. which facial wipes did you use?

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