Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Lotus Herbals Sun Screen SPF 40 review

Hi Sunshine,

Today I am going to review “Lotus Sun screen SPF 40”.I am in love with this sunscreen since a long time, read on to know why.

It comes in a usual tube with a flip open cap. Sometimes the product leaks out of it and clutters around that hole, but I have never seen it coming out of the cap. 

I have traveled with this many times but never faced any issues.

The best part about this sunscreen is that it doesn’t break me out or makes me sweat and shine. It’s totally matte and  it’s TINTED , so evens out the skin tone as well.

I wear this daily and swipe pressed powder over this and I am done for the day. I quite like it’s smell as well, it’s very refreshing and I feel that it wakes me up in the morning :).



Also, it protects you effectively against sun burns.
What more can you ask from a sun screen? I think it’s a complete package: tinted moisturizer with a sunscreen.

Price: INR 325/100 ml

1.       Its tinted and even out skin tone
2.       Doesn’t break me out
3.       Totally MATTE
4.       Doesn’t make me sweat.
5.       Budget friendly
6.       Protects against sun burns

1.       Packaging could be better. (But I don’t mind it J)   

Thanks for reading .
Good Luck :)

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