Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub : My Experience

Hi All,

Today, I am going to share with you guys a very important product in my skin care routine and that is Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub. I have been using this scrub for over a year now and I love what it does to my skin.

What it Claims: Whiteglow Oatmeal & Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub exfoliates the skin gently, removes dirt, impurities,blackheads and whiteheads leaving your skin brighter and healthier with a shining glow.
The gentle exfoliating action works on skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tones and softens the skin giving you a firmer skin texture.Oatmeal exfoliates gently, restores the natural moisture balance of the skin and yogurt moisturizes and lightens the skin reducing imperfections giving you silly, smooth and brighter skin.

My Experience : This scrub is enriched with the goodness of Oats and Yogurt and it does look like Yogurt. It's white in color , and the oatmeal granules are also white in color. Its not a mild scrub, but its not harsh either. If you prefer slightly strong scrub and have sensitive skin as well, then this one is good for you. The granules do not feel harsh or scratchy at all. I think this is best suited for oily/ acne prone skins because it is not at all creamy and doesn't break me out.

Now, it fulfills most of its claims. It does remove whiteheads and blackheads and leaves skin with a brighter and healthier shining glow. The best part it that it makes my pores less visible, which I love the most about this product. It definitely evens out my skin tone and doesn't dry out my skin at all. Also, you can feel that your skin becomes more smooth and soft. It doesn't whiten out the skin as it claims, not that I was looking for it.

Price : Rs. 165/100 gms

  1. Evens out and brightens the skin tone.
  2. Makes skin smooth and soft.
  3. Exfoliates gently.
  4. Reduces Pore size.
  5. Doesn't dry out skin.
  6. Helps in removing dirt and impurities from pores.
  7. Not at all creamy, so doesn't break me out.
  8. Lasts a long time so ,budget friendly

  1. If you prefer mild scrubs only, then this one is not for you.
  2. Doesn't whiten out skin as it claims.
If you are looking for a scrub that is not super mild then you must give this a try. Its really good and worked so well for me :)


  1. I love lotus herbal products..seems to be a great product..
    nice review dear

    my recent one :

  2. I did try this out once, but it did not suit my oily skin well. Works on my sister's dry skin nicely though :)

  3. It looks pretty decent and promising!:) Nice review.:)

  4. I prefer mild scrubs always :) Nice Review dear

  5. seems pretty interesting...nice review :)


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