Wednesday, 18 September 2013

100th post :) THANK YOU

Hi all,

Hope you all are doing good. I have been very busy lately, my schedule is driving me crazy. I have not been able to check any blogs for the past 1 week. This is my 100th post, I wanted this to be a special post ,by dedicating it to all my beautiful followers and readers, but due to time constraint and hectic schedule , I am going to make this post a short one.

When I started blogging, I was not sure if I would be getting any followers or any comments , but I just knew that this is something I really wanted to do . Why? Because, reading make up blogs made me happy, it is a kind of stress reliever for me. Blogging world is so beautiful , its a different atmosphere, completely different from the lives that we live which is full of stress and tension. Its my happy place, where everything is beautiful. Whenever blogging or reading blogs, I completely forget about the problems in my life , I get so immersed in it. Somehow the colorful make up cheers me up.

People think I am crazy about make up and its a waste of time and money, but to me it is happiness and anything that makes you happy is not a bad thing. Everyone wants to be happy, and if make up makes me happy then I am happy that at least I have found one thing in my life that will cheer me up always. Its my passion and it motivates me and inspires me to look good, to work hard towards achieving that flawless skin or to have fit body. At the end of the day, I want to look good and make up helps me in boosting my confidence that way.

Basically reading make up blogs changed my life and I am thankful to all the make up bloggers out there for making my life beautiful. I wanted to contribute to be able to bring change/happiness in some one else's life , so I thought of creating my blog and it is such a great feeling when I write a post and receive comments on it. It literally makes my day whenever I get any comment.

So, a BIG thanks to all of you , who follow or read my blog, you guys are truly amazing and you have contributed a lot in my life unknowingly. May God Bless You Always. Stay Happy because you deserve to be :)


  1. Congratulation girl for century :)
    First 100 post milestone is very special. wish you lots of happiness

  2. Congrats dear!! :) Wish you many more. <3<3

  3. 100th post, congrats doll..
    Keep in touch,

  4. congrates sweetie...gud wishes alwyz..:)

  5. Congrats many more posts have to come <3

  6. Congratulations Deepti! Wish you many many more :)

  7. Congratulations.....happy blogging:)

  8. Congratulations dear!
    Wishing you many more to come... :)


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