Friday, 16 August 2013

Dramatic Purple Glitter Eye make up

Hi Girls,

Today, I am going to share with you guys a very dramatic glittery eye make up, perfect for a party, I want to try this look for New Years Eve this year :)..
If you don't like glitters then you could skip this post , but if you are glittery glitter girl like me then keep reading further for the tutorial.
So, this is the look I created:

Since we are dealing with glitters , its better that you apply lose powder near your eye area, so that excess glitter doesn't get stick to your face. I forgot this step, hence you might notice some extra glitter near my eye area.
Step 1: Apply Black gel eyeliner all over your eyelid.

Step 2: Take any dark colored cosmetic glitter and I apply it quickly over the black gel liner before it dries, so that the glitter particles will stick to the gel liner. I have used Faces cosmetic glitter in shade Purple.

Step 3: Take a black pencil eyeliner and define the outer V and  crease of your eye.This will be used as a guideline for balck eyeshadow used in the next step.

Step 4: Take any matte black eyeshadow and apply it over the crease and outer V area of your eye.

Step 5: Take any matte neutral brown eye shadow and use it to blend away the harsh edges of the black eyeshadow. take time to blend the eyeshadow properly and do no disturb the glitter part.

Step 6: Remove excess glitter using a cello tape, if needed, as shown in the pic.

Step 7: Take shimmery white eyeshadow and highlight the inner corners of your eye and also the brow bone.Also, take the black gel eyeliner and apply it on your lower lash line, make sure its not very thick.Leave the inner most corners of eye.

Step 8: Apply the same purple glitter over the black gel liner. Also, apply white/silver glitter on the inner lower lash line.

Step 9:Apply Black gel eyeliner on your upper eyelid and wing it out little bit and finish off with generous coats of Mascara.

So here's is the finished look:

Hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading :)


  1. So very pretty dear. I love purple and I love glitter :) Lovely EOTD.

  2. its very difficult to work with glitter.. purple is my favorite.. good attempt

    1. Seriously, it gets all over the place.. trying to master it though :)

  3. thats sooo damn lovely!!! it suits your brown eyes alot o.0

    1. Thanx Jeeshan :) Hoping someday , I can create the magic that you do with ur EOTD's :)

  4. WoW beautiful makep , but i dont think i'll be abe to do this.. I am very bad with shadows..
    Keep in touch,

  5. I loved it!!<3 <3 It's glamorous and gorgeous!!

    1. Thanx Niesha , its nothing compared to your EOTD's though :)

  6. That's Killer !! I loved it sweets .. Stunning EOTD <3
    Lovely Pix :)

  7. Amazing effort, You have done a great job with glitters, I'm really impressed girl <3 And thanks for following me. I'll do the same <3

  8. working with glitters is so painfull.. but you did a good job.. purple glitters look fab :)

  9. hi dear :) thanks a lot for visiting my blog :) m now following ur blog too :)
    <3 awesome eotd :)

  10. It looks good. Detailed and easy to follow steps with pictures, can see the efforts to get the glitter effect :)

  11. I love the look. It is very difficult to work with glitter as they get all over the place. You have done such a fantastic work :)

  12. beautiful EOTD <3
    following u dear :)
    my recent one :

  13. I love glitters on eyes :p
    very pretty EOTD, the eye makeup is quite bold and gorgeous too
    will love to try it <3
    I am sure you are going to rock the new party with this makeup :)

  14. super glittery..definitely bang on for a party!

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