Wednesday, 27 March 2013

'Sweet Pea' body lotion by Bath and Body Works:Review

Happy Holi Gals!!

Today I am going to review my very favorite product i.e. 'Sweet Pea' body lotion from Bath and Body works.

Packaging: I love how attractive the 'Bath and Body works' products look. That is the only reason that tempted me to buy this lotion. 'Sweet Pea' comes in a very attractive, girlish, flowerish and pinkish bottle, with a flip open cap. Its a very happy and fresh  kind of bottle, perfect for girls. Because of the flip open  kind of cap , its very hygienic and comfortable to use. The quantity of product that comes out, can also be controlled very easily.Also, the bottle is quite solid so it can be reused very easily. I am planning to shift my 'Freeman' body lotion into this bottle once it is empty because of the ease of use and of course because its very attractive.

Fragrance: I love love love love the fragrance of 'Sweet Pea'. It has got a very sweet and flowerish kind of fragrance. I feel this is the kind of smell that would define me :). If you like sweet fragrances them you are going to love 'Sweet Pea'. I apply this lotion every morning and its fragrance lingers on for about 4-5 hours on me.

Consistency: 'Sweet Pea' is little bit thick in consistency, which gets very easily absorbed into the skin.Its not at all oily and sticky, but rather smooth and easy going.It removes dryness very easily and dissolves into the skin like a dream.Also, it adds instant smoothness and softness to the skin.

Moisturize: I have slightly dry skin on arms and legs and it moisturizes my skin quite effectively and gets absorbed instantly.Girls with extremely dry skin may need to reapply it.

After Blending the product

Availability: Availability is an issue for 'Bath and Body Works' products in India. I bought this from a shop in Mumbai, otherwise I have not seen any shop selling it's products. Its also available on some online shops , but then the price is very high.

Price : Rs. 650/236 ml


  1. Attractive packaging
  2. Sweet Fragrance
  3. Moisturizes effectively
  4. Ease of use in terms of packaging
  5. Fragrance lingers on for a long time.
  1. Availability
  2. Expensive
For me 'Sweet Pea' has become my favorite body lotion and I am going to keep buying it again and again. Hope you liked this review.
Thanks for reading. :)


  1. Nice review and colorful packaging.:)
    Happy Holi to you and your family dear!!

  2. sounds like heaven <3
    I just made a new blog post it would mean the world if u could please come and check out :)

  3. thanku for the visit babe! meant the world :)

  4. Lovely review...
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  5. Nice review SB... Love your blog :)


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