Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner in 'Royal Purple': Review and Swatch

Hi everyone!

Today, I am going to review my very favorite gel eyeliner from Coastal Scents in Shade 'Royal purple'.

Packaging: It comes in a very cute and small glass tub, with a sticker at the bottom of the tub indicating the shade. At first, it looks like the quantity is very less, but that is not the case, since a very small amount is required for each application. One drawback of Coastal scents gel eyeliner is that , you don't get a brush along with the eyeliner.So, I had to order separate brush along with this.

Consistency: Consistency wise, it was very creamy when I first got it but gradually it dried out. I have always experienced this thing with all my gel eyeliners.So I tried out the good old almond oil trick. I just put some drops of almond oil in it and mixed it nicely with a tooth pick and my gel liner was ready to use.It became really creamy and glossy after that.A very small amount of the liner is required for one time application, so it can last a very long time.

Staying power: The staying power of this eyeliner was great when it was creamy, but after adding almond oil to it, its staying power has kind of decreased. I mean, it can be smudged easily because of oiliness in it, but still its not bad , just avoid scrubbing your eyes and it can stay easily for 6-7 hours.It can easily be removed by cleansing milk. I use 'Nivea Cleansing Milk' to remove it and it comes off very easily.

With Flash

Without Flash

Shade: Now coming to the shade, its a very pretty blackish purple kind of shade. At first, it looks almost like black and doesn't look purple at all.I wonder why they named it Royal Purple because whenever we read purple we imagine a very bright purple shade but this is no where near bright. It can definitely add a kick to your daily wear eyeliner and bring a nice change from blacks and browns. It is very much work appropriate, with a hint of color and without looking boring.



  1. Different and pretty shade.
  2. Perfect for day time and work appropriate
  3. Decent Staying power
  4. Smooth/creamy consistency
  5. Huge quantity for the price.
  1. Doesn't come with an applicator brush.
  2. Dries out after some time like other gel eyeliners.
  3. Needs to be ordered online from CoastalScents.com

Its a very decent eyeliner and the shade is very different and pretty. If you are fond of gel eyeliners and want to break away from blacks and browns then you should get this one.

Thanks for reading :)


  1. I loved this color. Its different from the regular purples. very pretty.. so does EOTD.

    1. Thank you Niesha! Yes, its a very different & pretty shade :)

  2. pretty shade... isn't it difficult to apply liners from pot.. My attempt pickup products more than required and I find product accumulate at some portions too while applying :-(

    1. Thanks Shikha :). Its all about practise, try practising it on your hand first, its not that tough :)

  3. pretty colour!! does this come with a brush for application?


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