Sunday, 17 June 2012

Deborah-Ombretto Mono Hi Tech eyeshadow review

Hi Beauties,

This is my first ever blog. All this while I have read reviews of other bloggers, finally I have started my own reviews.Feeling great, Yipeeeeeee.
ok, so now back to work.So the first product that I am going to review is the -Ombretto Mono Hi Tech eyeshadow, no 62  by Deborah.

This beauty comes in two colors Black and shimmery beige(light golden).

Shimmery Beige
Its the most adorable and versatile color.It has small shimmers in it(shimmers only, no glitters) You can just swipe it on your eyelid on any summer day for that sun kissed glow. I like multi functional products, so I use this as a highlighter on my cheek bones (you can even use this on your brow bone)and it just makes you glow. Reallly really adore this color.


I am not particularly fan of this black eye shadow , because its not pigmented. Its kind of powdery. So I use it over black liquid eyeliner to soften the look or may be over kohl to increase its staying power. For using this as eyeshadow, I use kaajal as a base and then pat this eyeshadow to build up the color. It works best this way. But if you try to use this  eyeshadow just on its own, then you will be disappointed(in terms of pigmentation and staying power).


  1. Its really cute and compact.
  2. Can easily be carried in purse without any fear of spilling the product
All in all, I am a big fan of summerish shimmery beige , but black color is a bit of a disappointment.
Will try to grab only  the shimmery beige next time. Definitely recommend you to try that sunny beauty for that natural glow.

Rating:  4/5 (-1 for black)

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